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How to listen to and watch American Association games

American Association games will be in full swing starting today.

The American Association independent league starts their shortened season today. Many teams in the Upper Midwest do not provide broadcasts of games on a TV channel full-time, but all teams - including the league itself - provide a broadcast of some sorts, whether it is radio or streaming. If you’re interested in getting your fill of live baseball until MLB starts up, here are some options:

  • The American Association has always broadcast the games through their website for free, however that will change starting this season. All 180 league games will be broadcast on this year for $19.99 (or $12.99 per month) after the league and Vimeo teamed up. This weekend’s games (July 3 through July 5) will be available as a free trial. Now as annoying as that may be, consider that these teams and the league do not have a full-time TV contract. This streaming also comes without blackout restrictions (TAKE THAT, MLB!!!) and these independent league games still have a great amount of talent playing. Teams usually have some hijinks in between innings, too. Heck, maybe you’ll see a tossed player put a garbage can by home plate or a manager giving a kid a base.
  • If you’re in or around Winnipeg or choose to be a fan of the Goldeyes, CJNU 93.7 FM will be carrying all of the Goldeyes games again this season. Steve Schuster will continue to have the call for our Canadian friends. If you do prefer your audio thorugh television, BellMTS TV channel 725 will have you covered. If you like the internet, the CJNU and Goldeyes websites will have audio streams available.
  • Marge will be tracking it down again this season as award-winning game-caller Jack Michaels will be the voice of the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks this year. KNFL 740 AM The Fan will be carrying the games this season, including on its simulcast FM station, 107.3 FM. Game audio will also be streamed on the RedHawks website,
  • Those that follow or would like to follow the St Paul Saints will continue to have the treat of listening to award-winning broadcaster Sean Aronson this season with Domenic Dandra and J.W. Cox handling pre- and post-game show duties. Games are broadcasted on K244FE 96.7 FM KFAN Plus in the Twin Cities area. If the Saints return home, then we’ll pass along TV broadcast information. Saints games audio can be found at their team website,
  • The Sioux Falls Canaries are rolling out a stream-only broadcast for this season, meaning there is no radio broadcast for Canaries broadcasts this year. Carter Woodiel will be in his third year on the microphone for Sioux Falls; he’ll be joined by Adam Bertsch for home games, his first year on the waves. The audio stream will be available on the team website.
  • If you are in the area of each hub (Fargo or Sioux Falls), or would like to take a road trip to take in a game in person, you can visit the RedHawks and Canaries website linked above for their COVID-19 Readiness Plan and ticket sales.