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Discussion: Who is the Twins' biggest rival?

Who do you hate the most?

MLB Opening Day postponed Due To Coronavirus Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s Friday, and you know what that means. Jonathan’s (self-declared) regularly scheduled discussion post is coming at you this week with this: What team do you consider to be the Twins’ biggest rival currently?

There’s the obvious choices within the division. Cleveland has been the Central’s Big Bad for many years now, and will probably be the toughest competition for the Minnesota squad again this year. On the flip side, the Chicago dirty socks look to be on the rise once again, and the Ozzie Guillen/AJ Pierzynski-era teams had some memorable feuds with Gardy’s squad. They also have the most obnoxious and overconfident Twitter following in all of baseball currently, and my feed has almost exclusively consisted of Twins writers dunking on stupid Sox tweets.

However, in my eyes, the Twins’ biggest rival lies outside the division. I harbor the most spite for ol’ New York, New York. The moneybag Yankees, who always seem to expel the plucky Minnesota squad from the playoffs. While the Twins don’t play the Yankees as often as their division foes, there’s no team that feels better to beat. There’s no team I’d rather see fail. In my eyes, that makes the Yankees the Twins’ biggest rival.

What do you think? Who is the biggest rival in your opinion? In the division or out, who do you enjoy beating the most?


Who is the Twins' biggest rival?

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