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Cardinals players test positive for COVID; Twins schedule could be impacted

It’s becoming “worst case scenario” now for MLB.

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Within the past week, over half of the Miami Marlins’ active roster has tested positive for COVID-19, leading to a reshuffling of the schedule so that games could be played in a timely manner between teams that were not impacted by positive COVID tests. The Philadelphia Phillies-Toronto Blue Jays series is postponed. Now it seems like Major League Baseball has a beast on its hands, and it could impact the Minnesota Twins.

Jon Heyman has reported that the game between the Milwaukee Brewers and St Louis Cardinals for tonight has been postponed. It’s been confirmed that two Cardinals pitchers have tested positive for COVID and the team has been isolated in their hotel in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, this means that the players would have contracted it during or before their trip to Target Field to play the Twins, leading to the possibility that Twins players could have contracted COVID as well. If Twins players do test positive, that would lead to Cleveland players having a possibility of testing positive as well, especially as they would be using the visiting clubhouse after St Louis came to town.

There’s no word on whether any Twins games being postponed or any positive tests at this point. However, it seems like Minnesota could get caught up in the in-season issue of players testing positive and the impacts it has on the game.