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Twins 2020 schedule released

Take two and... action.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Another stepping stone has been stepped on along the way to start MLB’s 2020 season. The regular season was announced earlier today. Apparently this was done on MLB Netowrk on some sort of show, but I don’t have TV. I tried searching everywhere for the schedule to no avail. Thankfully, blog overlord TJ found this tweet from Darren Wolfson who references some random Twitterist who added things up and here we are - the Minnesota Twins’ schedule for 2020. (Hey, MLB - just release the [redacted] schedule next time.)

Some notes about the Twins schedule:

  • There is one exhibition game at Wrigley Field against the Chicago Cubs, this being on Wednesday, July 22, at 605p.
  • The Twins’ season opener will be on the south side of Windy City against the Chicago White Sox. It’s slated for Friday, July 24, at 710p. Their home opener will be Tuesday, July 28, against the St Louis Cardinals.
  • The home-away games against the AL Central rivals is pretty interesting: six games at home and three away games against the Detroit Tigers while it is the opposite against the Kansas City Royals. The Twins will face Cleveland soon-to-be Spiders at home seven times while being in Cleveland for three games; the opposite is said for games against the White Sox.
  • Minnesota closes out the season on Sunday, September 27, against the Cincinnati Reds. Boring, but at least Trevor Bauer gets to visit Max Kepler.
  • MLB misread my 3,000 requests to bring back the home-and-away series with the Milwaukee Brewers (they do face each other in two three-game series this season, but not back-to-back) as they schedule the Twins and Pittsburgh Pirates for a home-and-away series. Derek Shelton and the Bucs will be in town August 3 and 4 and then they travel to Pittsburgh for games on August 5 and 6. Makes sense, right?
  • Off days are heavy in September - four off days compared to one off-day each in July and August.
  • 20 out of 30 games in August will be against AL Central foes. 15 out of 23 games will be against AL Central foes in September. Five of the seven games in July will be against the White Sox and Spiders.

What do you think? Do the Twins have an easy schedule? Will the home and away series against AL Central teams play a factor in the race to the division crown? Do you think MLB should go back to hiring someone to hand-write schedules again?