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Predicting the 2020 Twins record, by series

TJ is an optimist

Minnesota Twins Summer Camp Workout Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

The 2020 MLB season, in its abbreviated form, is set to kick off in a couple weeks. If we proceed with the somewhat shaky assumption that the entire season happens, lets take a look at the schedule, and predict how the Twins will do.

July 24-26

@ White Sox The Sox might have put together a decent team, but its the first series of the year, and the Bomba Squad has had more time together. Prediction: Twins win two of three. 2-1

July 28-29

Vs Cardinals St Louis has a good team, and especially on the pitching front. Fortunately, this will also be their fourth and fifth games, and sandwiched between divisional games, so we probably won’t see their ace pitchers, although there is an off day that could allow them to skip their fifth starter, I doubt they do it. Prediction: Split. 3-2

July 30-August 2

Vs Cleveland They don’t even have a mascot anymore. That said, they’re the most dangerous non-Twins team in the AL Central right now. As always, much hinges on health, but for a Cleveland team that is relying on their rotation, it matters more than for most. If they can make it into this series with all their starting pitchers still around and ready, it’ll be a split. I don’t think that happens. I’m actually shocked Carlos Carrasco hasn’t opted out, as his immune system has to be wrecked from taking last year off to battle cancer. Prediction: Twins take three of four. 6-3

August 3-4 and August 5-6

Vs Pirates, @ Pirates We end the first homestand with half of a home-and-home series with the Pirates. Pittsburgh is a rebuilding team this year, and probably won’t be very good. Prediction: Twins sweep. 10-3

August 7-9

@ Royals The Royals are gonna be bad this year. Do I dare predict another sweep? Prediction: Yes I do. 13-3

August 10-12

@ Brewers Oh look, our “interleague rival.” The Brewers are scrappy, and a possible playoff team in a (normal) 2020 season. The Twins have to drop games to someone, so why not here. Prediction: Twins win one. 14-5

August 14-17

Vs Royals Its the Royals, at Target Field. Prediction: Twins take three out of four. 17-6

August 18-20

Vs Brewers The Twins get me a win on my birthday, and end up splitting the season series with the Brewers. Prediction: Twins win two. 19-7

August 21-23

@ Royals You can’t win them all... but when you play a team that bad, you can get close. Prediction: Twins sweep. 22-7

August 24-26

@ Cleveland These guys are always tough, and will probably be on a roll by then. The Twins always drop a few series. Prediction: Twins get swept. 22-10

August 27-30

@ Tigers They’re pretty bad, but I think the Twins will have some stumbles. Gardy gets a couple wins here. Prediction: split. 24-12

August 31-September 2

Vs White Sox They’re going to be a dangerous team this year, especially later in the season. Prediction: Twins take two, this time. 26-13

September 4-7

Vs Tigers Its hard to see the Twins not winning the season series against the Tigers, and I just predicted a split in the last series. Prediction: Twins take three. 29-14

September 8-9

@ Cardinals The Cardinals are still a good team. The Twins aren’t going to win every game or series. Prediction: swept! 29-16

September 11-13

Vs Cleveland Well, I can’t predict that they beat us every time, can I? Prediction: Twins win two. 31-17

September 14-17

@ White Sox I’ve already said it. They’re pretty good. Prediction: split. 33-19

September 18-20

@ Cubs I think these are the two division winners, but I think the Twins have breathing space, and the Cubs don’t. They need the wins more here. Prediction: Twins win one. 34-21

September 22-23

Vs Tigers Are you tired of these predictions yet? I’m a bit tired of the same teams over-and-over. Anyway, Lets just make another wild-ass-guess. Prediction: split. 35-22

September 25-27

Vs Reds This is Trevor Bauer’s new home, so if he starts a game, expect Max Kepler to hit about 5 home runs. The Reds aren’t a bad team, but the Twins are better. Prediction: Twins win two. 37-23

Final Prediction

The Twins go 37-23, or a .616 winning percentage. That’s good for first in the AL Central, and a #2 seed in the playoffs. The Yankees probably win 40 games and take the first seed. Freed of the Yankees in the first round, the Twins finally win a playoff series. Then they probably get swept by New York, but c’est la vie.