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Twins 4, Brewers 2: Cy Young? No. Randy Dobnak!

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Need to stop a losing streak? Who do you call? RANDY DOBNAK

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Dobnak dominates

As you all know the Twins entered today's game with a four game losing streak. It was bound to end eventually and the Twins ace, Randy, made sure that was tonight. He was once again dominant over his five innings and gave the Twins the boost they really needed.

Through four starts, Randy Dobnak now holds an MLB best 0.90 ERA with just two earned runs in 20 innings. Still one of the strangest breakouts in recent memory. He was able to hold down a Brewers lineup that has been just as good (or bad) as the Twins lineup this season.

Eddie Rosario provides the needed hit

In the top of the third inning the Twins loaded the bases with singles from Alex Avila and Max Kepler as well as a hit by pitch from Nelson Cruz. Eddie Rosario then stepped to the plate and if you’re like me you had a feeling something good was about to happen.

Rosario took a first pitch slider 402 feet over the right field wall and the Twins were up 4-1. It felt like the first big hit and big lead the Twins had in over a month. Of course this was really the only big hit of the game but it was enough.

The bullpen boys are back!

We didn’t see any of May, Duffey, Romo, or Rogers during the Kansas City series, but they were all on display tonight. Both Trevor May and Tyler Duffey were excellent in their innings of work and Sergio Romo only allowed a home run on a good pitch. Taylor Rogers came in for the 9th and I think we all knew how this was going to end...

Rogers got a fly out, a strikeout looking, and a swinging strikeout. Never a doubt! Twins win!

STUDS: Randy Dobnak, Eddie Rosario, Alex Avila, The Bullpen!

DUDS: None! Twins win! Well, maybe Buxton.

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