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Game 18: Twins at Brewers

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Roll out the barrel for a TWIMS WIM.


First Pitch: 7:10p Central
Television: FOX Sports North
Radio (EN): W-C-C-O 830 AM, Treasure Island Baseball Network, KMNB 102.9 FM “The Wolf”
Radio (ES):
Know Thine Enemy: Brew Crew Ball

After baseball’s national anthem during the middle of the seventh inning, the loudspeakers at Miller Park play a tune that, I assume, one doesn’t hear much anymore unless they’re at a polka festival of some sort across the upper Midwest.

The “Beer Barrel Polka”, a.k.a. “Roll Out the Barrel”.

The tune was penned by Czech musician Jaromír Vejvoda and the lyrics were added by Václav Zeman in 1934. The song was an instant hit and it allowed Vejvoda to purse career in music. Eventually, English lyrics were added to what we know it as today and although the song is about beer, the Czech lyrics do not speak about such things. The song was the top song played by Allies in the European Theater during World War II and was carried over to America where it was popular, especially in communities that were originally settled by German, Polish, and Czech ancestors. The song was so popular that Vejvoda has a plaque dedicated to him in Prague.

By Matěj Baťha - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

The song has been played at County Stadium and Miller Park since 1970 as a nod to the original barrel man as well as the German and Polish heritage in Milwaukee. And no, they don’t play a version with vocals. That’s up to the fans (when they’re allowed in stadium) and they do a good job.

“Back in the day”, I had the pleasure of playing the tune during high school pep band both in the percussion section and on the sousaphone. Fun! And who doesn’t love hearing a hoard of high schoolers sing about rolling out a barrel of alcohol? School administration, that’s who. They barred us from playing “Beer Barrel Polka” and karaoke-favorite “Tequila” during my senior year. I guess they hated seeing the joy of students.

I don’t write for Brew Crew Ball, so I suppose I should briefly talk about the game instead of Miller Park traditions:

Craig Counsell gives the nod to Josh Lindblom tonight. JohnFoley gives a great overview of what we can expect from the right-hander tonight, so instead of reading my crappy words, please read his much better words here!

Rocco Baldelli is doing the whole “bullpenning it” thing tonight. Tyler Clippard will take the mound as the opener. Last time this happened, Clippard put up two clean innings of work with one strikeout before handing over the reins to Devin Smeltzer, who didn’t provide much length after that. But hey, “teamwork makes the dream work” and they won the game 3-1 against Cleveland.

Today's Lineups

Max Kepler - RF Avisail Garcia - CF
Jorge Polanco - SS Keston Hiura - 2B
Nelson Cruz - DH Christian Yelich - LF
Eddie Rosario - LF Jedd Gyorko - 1B
Marwin Gonzalez - 3B Ryan Braun - DH
Mitch Garver - C Manny Pina - C
Luis Arraez - 2B Ben Gamel - RF
Miguel Sano - 1B Luis Urias - 3B
Byron Buxton - CF Orlando Arcia - SS
Tyler Clippard - RHP Josh Lindblom - RHP