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Twins 0, Royals 0, Momma Nature 1: Rain. Doubleheader tomorrow

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Milli Vanilli, whaddya say, the Twins they got rained out today.

This is perfect.
Joel Hernandez

The Sky Gods are angry with you and accordingly tonight’s Twins game has been postponed until tomorrow. First pitch is supposed to be at 12:35. Remember, these will be seven innings each. Unless they go extras and that silly runner-on-second rule applies.

Since there are no fans to clear from the building and make produce a separate ticket for re-entry, this will be an actual old-school doubleheader, where you can expect Game 2 to start roughly 30 minutes after Game 1 ends. Game 2 will also be’s Free Game Of The Day (I assume usual annoying blackout restrictions apply).

Enjoy the water for your plants, if you have them, or neighborhood trees, if you have those and aren’t living in a futuristic Mad Max hellscape.

COTnotG: “Nobody get tornado’d” — Brandon Brooks. A sentiment shared shortly thereafter by outfielder Byron Buxton: