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At the 1⁄3 point of the season, here is where we stand

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Time Flies (and so do baseballs)

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins - Game Two Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Twins are good. We all expected that, and assumed I’d be making this statement after fifty-something games, not 21. Still, with a sixty game season, that means 20 games is the even one-third point, which technically happened between games of yesterday’s bizarro-world fourteen-inning double header, but I wasn’t about to try to fit this post into that half hour or so.

The record stands at 13-8, just a game behind AL leaders New York and Oakland, who are both 14-6. The Twins lead the division, meaning that they would be the third seed in the expanded playoffs, and face the six seed—currently wildcard Texas, at 9-9, and in second place in the West Division. Bring on Gibby and Lance Lynn!

Leading the Bomba squad is the man who coined the phrase, Eddie Rosario, with 6 longballs. He is joined in the top three by his fellow outfielders, Max Kepler, and shockingly Byron Buxton. Buxton is a clear early leader for the breakout player of the year, and has prompted a couple posts on this site asking if his start is for real.

Buxton is also, as strange as it is to say, leading the team in slugging percentage. He’s number three in batting average—Nelson Cruz leads the pack in that stat. Alex Avila is outhitting Mitch Garver, no one probably saw that coming.

On the pitching side of things, Randy Dobnak is leading the team in, well, basically everything important. He’s posted a tiny 0.90 ERA in twenty innings, and has basically done so by inducing a lot of groundballs. How very Twins-y does that sound? Its a new and improved version of “pitch to contact” though, if that’s what it is.

Overall, this is a tiny sample size, and some of the biggest off season additions, such as Josh Donaldson and Rich Hill have barely played, but that is what the 2020 season is, nothing but small samples. With the increased emphasis on each event, the importance is magnified. What do you think at the 13 mark, have the Twins proven anything to you?