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Maeda breaks Twins record for consecutive strikeouts

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Milwaukee Brewers v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

During tonight’s contest against the Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Kenta Maeda was in full power mode while on the mound. During that time, Maeda met and then broke the Twins record for most consecutive strikeouts in a row.

Starting with a strikeout of Eric Sogard for the second out of the third inning through the end of fifth inning, Maeda struck out eight batters in a row. This broke the previous team record set first by Jim Merrett in 1966 and Francisco Liriano in 2010. Each struck out seven batters in a row.

After a lengthy bottom of the fifth, Maeda came out for the top of the sixth to continue the record. However, Luis Urias ended up grounding out to break up the streak.

Tyler Alexander and Doug Fister both hold the American League record for most consecutive strikeouts with nine each. Tom Seaver holds the all-time major-league record with ten strikeouts in a row.

Welcome to the Minnesota Twins record books, Kenta Maeda!