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Its Dobber time, with Breaking T

Rock the Dobstache on your T-shirt

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As you’ve probably figured out, our friends at Breaking T make cool T-shirts, and from time-to-time, they make some that are Twins themed. This time they created one with a cartoon version of Randy Dobank, and some old-school Twins-style script that I think really pops. With his MLB-leading ERA and awesome backstory, what isn’t there to love about Randy Dobnak?

The Breaking T folks brought up the idea of doing a Dobnak T-shirt, and I immediately said it was a great idea. I actually really love the design they came up with, as well. It has some kind of throwback vibe, I think.

Of course, we have the usual screened-in-the-USA super-soft luxury goodness, in Dobnak form. As always, the shirts are fully licensed by the MLBPA.

The link above should take you straight to a page to purchase the shirts if you’re interested, and keep in mind they still have a bunch of other great Twins-themed stuff.