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Twins 7, Brewers 1: Berríos is back, baby!

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Also welcome to the Vargas/Jeffers era!

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Minnesota Twins
Eye care is important, you guys.
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The Twins were looking for a win to stave off the pesky Cleveland Spiders, and the team delivered by straight beating up some poor working-class beer-makers. Rude. José Berríos started for Minnesota and boy did he come back in a big way, looking completely locked in as he struck out 2 in each of the first 4 innings.

The Twins took the lead in the third when Ildemaro Vargas hit the first Twins triple of 2020 and was knocked home on the first MLB at-bat by Ryan Jeffers. Like 3 days ago I didn’t even know these were people who existed and now they are putting the Twins on the board. Life is wild!

Berríos forgot to eat his Oops! All Strikeouts brand cereal before coming out for the 5th and 6th, but he remained unhittable (Except, of course, for the one hit he gave up.) and when he was replaced by Tyler Duffey in the 7th, he left with about as perfect of a start as you can expect someone to have.

But before we get to the 7th, let’s poorly segue back to the Twins half of the 6th when my new favorite player Ildemaro Vargas got the Twins their second run with a bases loaded sac-fly after the Twins had failed to get a run with the bases loaded in the previous inning. Yay for actually converting hits into runs!

Anyway Duffey, leader of the #bullpenboyz, came in to relieve Berríos and of course he and his 0.00 ERA immediately gave up a solo dong to Justin Smoak. A Smoaked dong, if you will. The loss of his pristine ERA didn’t phase the Duffmeister and he got out of the inning with no further damage.

Not to be outdone, Nelson Cruz would hit a bomba of his own in the bottom of said inning, but his would be a 2-run shot. This showing up of Smoak was presumably a violation of the unwritten rules and some old guy somewhere got grumps about it.

In the 8th, the Twins again did that “load the bases” thing that seems to be all the rage today, this time with 1 out. Max Kepler pulled off a bases loaded walk to snag the Twins’ 5th run of the game, then Jorge Polanco diddily-doinked a chopper out of the infield to the tune of 2 more runs.

Zack Littel came in for the 9th and gave up the complimentary back-to-back singles like the gracious host that he is, but then got a double play and a lineout to end the game without any drama.

Twinz Winz!

Berríos: 6 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk, 9 ks!
Jeffers: 2 hits, a run, and a RBI in his MLB Debut!
Vargas: Big Triple Energy

DUDS: Not Applicable Twins Achieved Victory


Comment of the game is a draw between James and Joel who must now fight to the death in the THUNDERDOME.