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Twins fans say farewell to Mauer, welcome Jeffers with open arms

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Move over, Mauer! There’s a new kid in town!

Milwaukee Brewers v Minnesota Twins
So long, Joe.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Local fans are quite excited after Minnesota Twins catching prospect Ryan Jeffers had an outstanding debut last night against the Milwaukee Brewers. The newbie went 2-for-3 at the plate with a hit-by-pitch, notching his first major-league hit in his first at bat. He also got his first RBI in the same plate appearance.

Jeffers’ debut has fans in Twins Territory already putting former catcher and first baseman Joe Mauer in the back of their minds for good.

“Well, he’s already got a batting average much better than ol’ Joe ever had,” said Jim Long of Kerkhoven, Minn. “I don’t remember him going two-fer during his career. And no way he’d take one in the ribs for the team. What a cheap guy.”

With Jerry Meals and his questionable strike zone calling balls and strikes last night and starting pitcher Jose Berrios on the mound, Jeffers did well behind the plate for his first MLB game.

“Oh yeah, you’d never see Mauer work any magic with Berrios like what Jeffers did last night,” said Marlene Knight of St Croix Falls, Wisc. “I’m sure if the ump was making bad calls, he’d get thrown out for his pitcher. Would Joe do that? No way.”

Many Twitter accounts had high praises for the newest catcher on the team as well:

“JEFFERS > MAUER,” tweeted @TWINSFAN2020

“time to take down #7 from the second deck at target field and put up #39,” said @tWINsmaniac91

“.667 batting average for the new catcher - give him a bigger pay day than that money-grabbing Mauer!!!” noted @WheresMy23Mil

“I would watch Jeffers grow sideburns and drink milk any day <3 <3 <3... see ya Mauer!!!” is what @creepymilklover had to say

“that new jeffers kid from rochester can really HIT and he’s a CATCHER... no need to remotely compare him to that HACK mauer guy” per @th123

One fan on the street, who wished to remain anonymous, noted: “Jeffers is working for his money while lazy Joe just sat around and collected his $23 million a year.”