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Royals 7, Twins 2: This game was terrible and Odorizzi might be hurt

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“Every picture tells a story, don’t it.” Stewart, Roderick David. Mercury Records: 1971.

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
He’s not praying, he’s hurt. Although he might be praying “please don’t let me be hurt.”
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Recap of the game comes from sioux1337, via my whining about doing it:

“Shouldn’t be that difficult (barring a big turnaround)...A not fun game happened. Odo got hit, then got hit. The Twins, alas, did not get hits. You missed nothing”

Yeah, that’s about it.

In Jake Odorizzi ’s third straight start against the Royals, and Danny Duffy’s bazillionth start against the Twins, it was Odorizzi who got knocked around worse by batters who’re familiar with what he throws. A first-inning dong by Jorge Soler put Kansas City up 4-0, and Minnesota never really did much of much past that.

Crummier than this, Odorizzi took a hard line drive to his midsection in the fourth inning. It looked pretty bad. Radio reported later that it’s an “abdominal contusion” and X-rays didn’t show any broken bones. (But muscle injuries can still be pretty bad, I’ve had them, they’re not recommended.)

Gladden: “I saw Kent Hrbek do that one time. He put a six-pack of beer on it, that’s how he iced down.” You be you, Danny. Thank the living Gods, Cory Provus later mentioned how today is Wilt Chamberlain’s birthday and Dazzle did not go where I would have gone with that. (He’s very famous for being great at basketball, that’s the only possible thing anyone knows Wilt Chamberlain for, ask ye no further.)

That’s really how junk this game was, Provus resorted to reading off famous peoples’ 8/21 birthdays.

After Odorizzi got hurt, 25-year-old Jorge Alcala came in for the Twins and pitched three scoreless innings with a hit, a walk, and six strikeouts. He was part of the 2018 Ryan Pressly-to-Houston trade, so let’s all hope he does well.

The Twins had all kinds of sloppy fielding mishaps I won’t go into because neither they nor you nor I need such a thing.

At least I never have to do another Kansas City game this year! Oh... wait...

Here’s Joel Hernandez’s live seventh-inning artistic take:

His name is “Soler,” not “Soley,” you have ruined TwinkieTown forever, Mr. H.

Robot Roll Call:

The loss and Cleveland’s loss keeps these Twins 0.5 games ahead of the Spiders. South Side Sox right up in there. Gardy’s Tigers, sadly, have gone 1-9 over their last 10 and are probably doomed, but that’s what some ingenious soul invented cans of Lone Star for.