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Game 28: Twins at Royals

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Where the elite meet to beat the heat: Missouri. It never gets hot there.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
You must be this tall to go on this ride.
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Time: 6:05 Central. Vegas Line: -160 MIN/KC +140

Weather: Mostly clear, 88° at first pitch, gettin’ kinda muggy

Opponent’s excellent SB site: Royals Review

TV: FSN. Radio: Sponsored by a casino you probably don’t want to go to right now

Yes, dear friends, it’s more... Royals games! (A team with talented youngsters and a proud baseball history but one that’s been rather frustrating for your Split Zygotes Of The North lately.)

I will be doing the recap of this one, as regular Saturday scribe Brandon is having elective cosmetic surgery on his pet snake, Reggie. What kind of veterinarian performs cosmetic surgery on poor unsuspecting reptiles?, you may ask. Well, the kind who’ll only do so on Saturday. Brandon also asked me for $500 Martian to cover the costs, but I simply don’t have that kind of interplanetary cash lying around. And now I gotta deal with his cranky alien henchthing Zyglog. It’s a whole situation.

Today’s Royals starter, Brady Singer, is 24 and looks every inch of that young. He was effective against the Twins last Sunday, and throws a 93/83 sinker/slider combo. Not unlike Twins starter Randy Travis William Dobnak, but with fewer cool facial accessories. MLB career digits (or, this week’s edition of Small Sample Size Theater):

Yes, those L/R splits for Dobnak are correct. No, they’re not sustainable. On whether his other MLB numbers are sustainable, JohnFoley had analysis here.

Singer is from Leesburg, Florida (which, surprisingly, is not named after the Confederate general Lee but just a guy named Lee who lived there). Leesburg was, once upon a time, famous for watermelons until suddenly they stopped growing successfully there. Plants are strange creatures, and melons are particularly tricky. Here is my backyard melon, a musk melon or “cantaloupe”:

It’s the little green ball by the hat. You will be aware that cantaloupes in the produce aisle are generally larger.

Leesburg is also the site of an awful plane crash (there’s few other kinds of plane crash) that killed several members of Ozzy Osbourne’s touring crew and guitarist Randy Rhoads in 1982, which I will not link any grim details to. But I will link to this classic song Rhoads played on! He was a talented man. All hail the Randys today.

Today's Lineups

Max Kepler - RF Whit Merrifield - CF
Jorge Polanco - SS Nicky Lopez - 2B
Eddie Rosario - DH Hunter Dozier - RF
Marwin Gonzalez - 3B Jorge Soler - DH
Jake Cave - CF Ryan McBroom - 1B
Miguel Sano - 1B Maikel Franco - 3B
Luis Arraez - 2B Alex Gordon - LF
LaMonte Wade - LF Adalberto Mondesi - SS
Alex Avila - C Cam Gallagher - C
Randy Dobnak - RHP Brady Singer - RHP