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Twins 7, Royals 2: Winning a strange one

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Everything was a little odd yet it worked out in Minnesota’s favor this time.

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
This is not the recommended method for catching popups
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Let us examine the bottom 6th/top 7th stretch of baseball in this game for a moment:

Bottom 6th: Royals hitter reaches first on Alex Avila catcher interference. Royals hitter singles. Tyler Duffey replaces Randy Dobnak, who’d been cruising along until the fifth. Duffey gets a flyout, then hits a guy. Strikes out the next guy who strikes out often. The Royals then pinch-hit for their catcher who wasn’t striking out at a high rate this year. The pinch-hitter does not succeed at the baseballs.

Oh, and meanwhile, Avila (whose interference call was his second of the night) takes a foul ball straight off his neck. No score.

Top 7th: Avila draws a walk. Max Kepler is hit by a pitch. Avila is then subbed out for Ehire Adrianza (no indication if this was due to the earlier foul tip or because Adrianza is a faster runner). Jorge Polanco bunts, advancing both runners by not hitting with one of Minnesota’s star bats. Eddie Rosario is intentionally walked. Marwin Gonzalez is unintentionally walked, and Jake Cave dribbles into a 4-2 forceout. Then Miguel Sano drives in Gonzalez/Rosario. Twins get 3.

Just like Rocco drew it up in the pregame meeting, I’m sure.

Sano, earlier, whompered the 10th-hardest hit homer in MLB this brief season, and said in a postgame radio interview that he didn’t get all of it. He is a strong human.

To start the evening, it was Battle Of The Rookie Pitchers, with Max/Jorge/Eddie opening on young Brady Singer via three straight hits (Rosario’s being uncatchable as it was a home run and nobody currently sits in those seats). Dobby was LOBby, inducing more GIDPs (three) than strikeouts (number next integer less than three, I never promised not to make you do math).

After Duffey’s fire extinguishing act, Tyler Clippard and Danny Coulombe held Kansas City scoreless for the duration.

If I know what you’re thinking, it’s “what’s Danny Coulombe’s address and phone number and would he be interested in sex with me?” Questions I cannot answer beyond “don’t know/don’t know/anything’s possible.” I can tell you that sandwiches wrote about the Twins adding him to their roster earlier today — see, you miss stuff if you don’t read the articles! Robot Roll Call:

COTG: Klawitter with “That’s the last straw, McBroom.” I’m sure our friends at Royals Review would groan at that one, but Ryan McBroom’s not a name most of us here are very familiar with, so it’s funny. Feel free to make jokes on your site along the lines of Sean “Zitza” Poppen! I’ve done it and he didn’t beat me up!