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Twins 5, Royals 4: Closer shaves are only found in Gillette ads

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Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I really thought I was going to write the “Taylor Rogers struggled again and blew a lead” recap. It wasn’t his prettiest save of the year, but this time he got the job done. In order to get there though, lets back up a couple hours.

The Twins trotted out their recently-successful combination of opener Matt Wisler and bulk pitcher Devin Smeltzer, which we will likely see again, as it was successful. Thanks to a good performance on the mound for most of the night, and the scorching hot bat of Miguel Sano, the Twins never trailed.

Kris Bubic, who we will likely see a lot of in the future, as he appears to be a future rotation mainstay in Kansas City, got into a little trouble in the first, and the Twins produced a little two-out scoring outburst. With Max Kepler on first thanks to a walk, Miguel Sano clobbered a line drive past Bubba Starling (who’s name I just really like typing) in center field for a RBI double. Eddie Rosario brought Sano in for a second RBI, and gave Wisler a two-run cushion before he stepped foot onto the field.

The Twins and Royals traded two runs each in the third, bring the score to the infamous 4-2. All games between these two squads must, at some point, be 4-2. It is decreed. For the Twins, singles to the left side of the field put both Nelson Cruz and Miguel Sano on the pond. Marwin Gonzalez brought both ducks back in, and briefly opened the lead to four. Another RBI double for the good guys.

The bottom of the inning was probably just a result of Smeltzer not being in a groove yet. He hit the first batsman he faced, and then got two quick outs on balls in play. Back-to-back doubles into the left field corner by Hunter Dozier and Jorge Soler brought in the only two runs charged to Smeltzer, although he only worked two innings. That would be the tally on the board until the seventh inning.

Sean Poppen gave up a run in the seventh that closed the gap to 4-3. Well really the run came in on Sergio Romo’s watch, but Poppen put the runner on.

Nelson Cruz should probably get a big bottle of something from Taylor Rogers tonight though. It was Cruz’s ninth inning Bomba that gave the Twins that fifth run, and sealed the victory. In the bottom of the ninth, Rogers came on with a two-run lead, a save situation. Rogers gave up a one-out double to Hunter Dozier, and a two-out single to Maikel Franco that scored a run for the Royals and put the go-ahead man at the plate. Fortunately a flyout to left field by Alex Gordon ended the threat, and the game.


Miguel Sano: 3-4, RBI, double, BB
Nelson Cruz: 2-3, RBI, HR, 2 BB
Marwin Gonzalez: 2-4. 2 RBI, double, BB


No Duds! Twins win. The season series with the Royals ends in a tie.

Roll Call



# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 doomsdayshark Get home from work
6 Blake Donlon Rosie just bunted for a hit
6 Hayden A Go Twins Go
6 Brandon Brooks Don't forget about bullpen catcher Joemauer Puckett
5 James Fillmore There are just too many Royals players with Twins-familiar names
5 Imakesandwichesforaliving was that a Fernando Rodney Experience®
4 James Fillmore Cruz vs. 100 MPH
4 gonzobob Reminds me of something my high school shop teacher often said...
4 Joefishy We need some beep beep beepers on the infielders for Sano
4 griffcat Sano treats every pop up like it's his.
4 Joefishy All we need is a 3 run Bomba.
3 Imakesandwichesforaliving tWIMs
3 Blake Donlon Cruz has joined Patrick Mahomes as owner of the KC Royals
3 Matt Monitto But if you're in a hole and start digging,
3 2wins87 Twins brought their hitting shoes today
3 TJ Gorsegner Anthony Slama
3 BH-Twins LOL me neither! :blush:
3 Brandon Brooks The one time a company doesn't mind getting Audette'd
2 gonzobob From where do we get these insurance runs?
2 BH-Twins Go CUBS!
2 James Fillmore Infield single from noted speedster Nelson Cruz
2 Imakesandwichesforaliving I guess it's time
2 Imakesandwichesforaliving pretty early
2 gonzobob Alex Gordon
2 Joefishy I think the dingo ate my internet signal
2 doomsdayshark BOOM!
2 CCHOF5yearstoolate When is Sano gonna let someone else make a play?
2 BH-Twins Still can't get accustomed to seeing Holland coming in so early in a game. And with the Royals trailing. He was unhittable as a closer on those KC teams in '13 + '14
2 BH-Twins Tigers leading Indians 4-1 in the fourth. Long way to go in both games, but both off to great starts.
2 doomsdayshark The way Hill pitched last outing
2 sioux1337 But jim jeffries is alright
2 BH-Twins Yes, and the last game as well. Berrios against Plutko (with Jose starting to get back in form). We should take at least 2 of 3, and hopefully the sweep.
2 Joefishy And done.
2 Matt Monitto that's a name from the past
2 Joefishy 1
2 BH-Twins Shaky 9th, but Twins WIN! Now off to Cleveland for three more in the win column!!!
2 BH-Twins Bert has always been good at that! (I can't say much.... constantly spelling names or words wrong). If he calls him Greg Jeffries, then there's a problem!
2 Matt Monitto TWIMS WIM
2 Matt Monitto so the left field line
2 James Fillmore Woo hoo!
2 gonzobob It's 'cuz Bert keeps calling him Jeffries
1 gonzobob F*ck
1 Joefishy Two anda ?
1 Joefishy 6 more outs
1 Joefishy 5
1 BH-Twins Make it 5. Phillips looking all the way on called strike 3
1 doomsdayshark Dammit all
1 BH-Twins Would like to see Rosenthal's ERA jump from 0.87 to around 3
1 Matt Monitto What just happened to my feed?
1 Matt Monitto GO TWIMS GO
1 Joefishy 2
1 Brandon Brooks Good pitch below the zone, and not hit hard.
1 Matt Monitto (also, boomstick)
1 Matt Monitto AND TWO
1 gonzobob STICK!
1 doomsdayshark Cubs win
1 doomsdayshark That was something else
1 Joefishy 3
1 doomsdayshark White Sox down 2-1 in the ninth
1 doomsdayshark And now the bases are loaded
1 BH-Twins Boomstick!
1 Joefishy Clean. Nice inning
1 gonzobob Tuesday night should be a good game.
1 Blake Donlon Sanò
1 Matt Monitto what is this thing
1 BH-Twins Same with the Indians starter last night that K'd 10 in his big league debut. He's 23 but doesn't look it.
1 Imakesandwichesforaliving I was hoping for a grand slam
1 BH-Twins Jeffers couldn't come through in a big spot, but it's his first week in the big leagues. 4-0 after 2 and a half innings is a great start.
1 gonzobob Hey, I'm wearing my "Catch Cancer Looking" shirt today
1 James Fillmore Today's Tigers starter looks barely old enough to vote
1 mefoolonhill Sano improvement
1 TJ Gorsegner He's not the best, but he's just so comforting to hear
1 TJ Gorsegner not two on anymore
1 BH-Twins Jeffers had a good swing on that base hit. We need a two out hit Kep
1 sioux1337 I'd ask for Soler to be traded
1 Joefishy A generous call. Thank you.
1 Matt Monitto That should be safe and an error
1 Imakesandwichesforaliving maybe if he combines the two
1 James Fillmore Some person in Kansas City has to name their child Bubic Zuber
1 2wins87 Good job by smeltzer
1 BH-Twins Not easy but we got out of it. On to the 5th.
1 BH-Twins 3 for 3 Eddie!!!
1 Joefishy Love this Eddie
1 Joefishy Nice K pitch.
1 TJ Gorsegner Go Twins Go
1 Matt Monitto We need a compilation
1 BH-Twins Nice K in a big spot Wisler. No harm done.
1 Imakesandwichesforaliving just three runs
1 CCHOF5yearstoolate that's what I'm reading
1 Imakesandwichesforaliving ROMO TIME
1 doomsdayshark ATTA ROMO
1 Matt Monitto I see we have the same ump crew as normal
1 Imakesandwichesforaliving GO TWIMS GO