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A Nap (And a Re-Boot) Might Be Advisable

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Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers - Game Two Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The Twins looked very mediocre in game one versus the Tigers. The noise during the game was very annoying, it sounded like the constant hum of a vacuum, and like a vacuum, it sucked. In sum, that really wasn’t a fantastic viewing experience. A nap probably would’ve served me better. But speaking of being tired and cranky, this has been a hard week. This has been a hard year. Finding the occasional moments of joy becomes even more important, if ever more elusive.

Writing about baseball this week, given the events around us, seems very difficult. It’s been a hard week. It’s been a bad week. And now, the Twins are not cheering us up with their lackluster play. We could use a little help here....not a three game losing streak!

I haven’t any ideas for a positive trade, though, as I consistently believe, nobody should be untouchable. I haven’t any ideas for how to truly infuse genuine social justice into a very unjust society, so in sum, I really haven’t any ideas. The notion of treating all people with respect and decency shouldn’t be so hard, but, apparently, it is. But back to baseball.

As I write this, the Twins, White Sox, and Indians are all 20-12 (ed note: things got worse after Bob wrote this.) I guess all three are very good, OR…all three are somewhat better than the fairly weak competition they’ve played. The Tigers aren’t good (despite beating the Twins today). The Royals aren’t good (despite beating the Twins 5 out of 10). The Pirates are almost not major league worthy….anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Twins don’t really seem fully worthy of their 20-12 record, I know their run differential is good, but they just don’t seem dominant in any way. It’s a concern. Why should anything not be concerning in the year 2020…it’s all a concern.

Just as we think the Twins will give us the partial joy we all so desperately need…they give us a three game losing streak…this year truly sucks….why shouldn’t there be annoying vacuum noise emanating from beyond centerfield? It almost seems like of course there should be...the concern is there is something out there, and it seems like it’s coming for all of us.