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How can the Twins get the jolt they desperately need?

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Do something!

MLB: Spring Training-Minnesota Twins at Philadelphia Phillies Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins have not been fun to watch lately. They are getting dominated by the Tigers and it’s not looking competitive. This offense is not nearly what it was in 2019 and the rotation still has holes. It certainly doesn’t help that the Twins have tumbled out of first place.

This is me pushing the panic button. The team we are all currently watching is not a team that can win a playoff series. This team was supposed to have the best offense in baseball with good enough pitching but things just aren’t working. How can the Twins try to get back on track? Here are some ideas I have.

Call up a top prospect like Royce Lewis, Alex Kirilloff, or Jhoan Duran

We have seen teams across the league call up their top prospects for this season and maybe the Twins should too. The Tigers called up Casey Mize, the Angels brought up Jo Adell, and there are many more. The Twins have dabbled with this by replacing Mitch Garver with Ryan Jeffers, but I want to see them go even further. Bring up Lewis or Kirilloff and see what happens. The Twins up the middle players (C/SS/2B/CF) have a combined OPS of .628 which is 29th in the league. Let Lewis play.

Make the big trade

I’m not talking about the backup second baseman or the solid fifth inning reliever. Get someone as good as Trevor Bauer or Lance Lynn. Screw it go see what Mike Clevinger costs. The White Sox are doing it! Make something happen. This team is too good to just let things fall apart. The Twins have apparently already been looking at Lynn.

Maybe it wouldn’t be a good move based on how 2018 went, but there’s no denying how good Lynn has been. He would be a solid pickup and immediately slide next to Maeda as the top two pitchers. Jose Berrios will also play a key role down the stretch.

Hope Josh Donaldson or Byron Buxton come back strong

We’re still unsure on the injury timelines because that’s how Baldelli likes to play things, but the hope is both of these players will be back soon. Josh Donaldson was the Twins huge offseason acquisition and he has done next to nothing on the field in his first season. It would be huge to get him back this week and hope he can return to his 2019 form. The Twins need him. As for Buxton, we are once again hoping his return from the IL will be great. Unfortunately we just don’t know what to expect but he’s electric enough to provide spark.

The Twins need something to happen. I know they’re still a 20-14 team, but they are not playing like it.