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Trade deadline rumor roundup and discussion megathread

For all the action or inaction of the day.

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MLB: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Update: I was right and the Twins were lying about being happy with their rotation.


Today at 3:00 PM is the bizarre trade deadline for the bizarre 2020 season and I’m here to inform you nice people of the situation and give you somewhere to chat crankily at each-other. And also because I have a quota to meet and all the games I could recap keep getting canceled. But mostly the for you guys thing.

Here’s all the rumors I could find by idly scrolling through MLBTR while eating pizza rolls.

Twins Rumors:

  • Minnesota did ask the Brewers about reliever Josh Hader, but all indications point to that not happening unless they pay out the butt, which is unlikely to happen due to them being the Twins and also because this season is a very short crapshoot.
  • Also note in the Tweet linked above, the Twins are purportedly largely happy in their starting rotation of Kenta Maeda, Randy Dobnak, Randy Dobnak’s Mustache, and some other guys. Thus its unlikely they’ll go hard in on a starter today, but also 3/4ths of these rumors are about starters so someone is probably lying here.
  • The Twins are also interested in old friend Lance Lynn who is currently with the Rangers and extremely likely to be dealt today. Going after a guy you once had who clearly did not want to be there and immediately thrived as soon as he left is just the kind of oddball move that’ll somehow work out in the chaos storm that is this year.
  • The Angels’ Dylan Bundy is another name the Twins have been connected to. This one seems like the most likely (but not actually THAT likely) to me now that the Reds are confirmed non sellers and the Twins won’t be getting noted internet bully and ball thrower Trevor Bauer.
  • (Thanks to Imakesandwiches for a living for basically writing this whole section for me last night. Everyone in the comments tell him how smart and cool and good looking he is.)

Division Rival Rumors:

  • The upstart White Sox have also been mentioned in connection with the aforementioned Bundy and Lynn, as well as the Arizona’s Robbie Ray. The White Sox seem to be raring to capitalize on a slightly early end to their rebuilding and are much more likely to make a splash today, in my big brained opinion.
  • Cleveland is again doing that self-sabotage even while you are still good thing they always seem to be doing. This time apparently trying to hawk off starter Mike Clevinger whose star has faded in Cleveland after he broke quarantine and was banished to the apocryphal Alternate Site for the deed. The White Sox were the first team mentioned, in what would be a batshit insane trade between two division rivals tied for first place. The Padres were reported last night to have had a done deal, but that news seems to have jumped the gun and now the Blue Jays are the rumored high bidder. Notably the Blue Jays are a potential wild-card rival for the Twins if they don’t get their crap together soon.
  • Cleveland has checked in on the Red Sox’s OFer Jackie Bradley Jr. The Red Sox have made no real indication of wanting to trade him, but he’s a free agent in a month so it would make sense.
  • The surging (Thanks to the Twins..) Tigers have received a lot of interest as of late. Namely, Daniel Norris, Austin Romine and Cameron Maybin. Its unsure if the .500 team will want to sell now. Due to the expanded playoffs for 2020 and the current situation, the Tigers have a real and decent chance of nabbing the 2nd (5th?) Wild Card spot with a 3rd place finish in the Central.

Wild Card Rivals:

  • Because baseball is a dumb game of luck that takes roughly a decade to regress to the mean, the Twins are in danger of not only failing to make one of the 6 playoff spots given to the top 2 teams in each AL division, but of also failing to take one of the 2 wild card spots. The wild card spots are very likely to go to the 3rd place finishers in the Central and East. In the Central that could be anyone who isn’t the Royals. In the East that’s gonna be either the Yankees or the Blue Jays. This means we need to care about those 2 right now.
  • The Yankerinos are in on Diamondbacks Outfielder Starling Marte. They also, like everyone else apparently, are in on Josh Hader.
  • The Blue Jays are also linked to Lance Lynn, as well as being the rumored Mystery Team™ in the Clevinger sweepstakes. Other names connected to the bluest of the birds is Rangers pitcher Mike Minor and Angels outfielder Brian Goodwin. These are some Clev(ing)er moves that aren’t to be scoffed at as Minor and could give the Jays some Good wins.
  • I’m sorry.

Discussion Starters:

Which area/s do you want the Twins to focus on today? Any players you think they’ll nab, or simply wish they would? I want all of your armchair GM moves listed down below.

I’ll be updating this with any news/rumors I see throughout the day, provided I don’t fall asleep watching Psych, but please do link anything you find in the comments below!