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The sky is indeed falling, but let’s not get crazy, we’re used to that sort of thing

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Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

So, the sky is falling, and I’m not the only one who sees it coming down. I’m from Minnesota and as a Minnesota sports fan my entire life…no better example of the roof coming down exists in all of sports than the couple of times the roof on the Metrodome literally deflated and came down. What other city or state can claim that?

But the Metrodome is now in the past, and now we have only to fear birds flying into glass, but still, we truly understand a falling sky, or at least a falling roof. Nobody expects less, nor handles it with more grace than Minnesota sports fans. Which brings me to the trade deadline.

Don’t do it! This year is going to require a complete re-evaluation AFTER the season. I’ll suggest trading Buxton (as I do every off-season), and it’ll be met with derision. I recognize his potential is freakish…but sadly, his injuries, are also freakish…and annual. So…we need reality, not potential. We’ve “potentially” been going to the World Series since 1991, just as the Vikings have “potentially” been going to the Super Bowl since 1977. That’s a lot of unrealized potential. I’m not blaming anyone (well…there could be a few to blame…but I’m trying to remain positive). It’s not like I’ve lived up to my potential either. Then again, maybe I actually have, which is kind of sad....but I digress.

What I’m saying is that this year is too bizarre to make radical changes. As many have suggested, the Twins are almost certainly going to make the playoffs (they can’t continue the losing streak forever, though I don’t love their odds against Giolito tonight). So, get in the playoffs, hopefully with a healthier team…and roll the dice. Maeda might pitch great. Berrios might (though I’m not betting the farm) pitch great. The bats might come alive….who knows we might win it all…it’s a crazy season. But most likely we won’t, no matter what we do or whom we trade….I mean, that’s not Twins bashing, that’s just the reality….I’d say the same for any other individual team…only one team gets to win it all.

So…let’s stand pat this year, let’s not go crazy….let’s get it together, let Rocco rally the team (hopefully) and see where that takes us in a re-vamped play-off year. But next year….it’s time to get serious about this.

If we want to win a World Series, we need to make a few changes. We need an absolute ace, and we need to do what it takes to get him. Maybe Larnoch, Lewis, Kiriloff, et al…will be ready to contribute which will free up some others for trades. Maybe it’ll be time to truly assess whether Eddie (and we all love Eddie) can give us more here or more in trade. Maybe it’ll be time to assess the same about Max (and we all love Max). Maybe…well…the point is….this isn’t the year to get crazy and make bold moves…this is the year to muddle through and see what happens.

I truly believe that….unless, of course, we make a great trade in the next few hours, in which case, I’m all in.