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No, the Twins aren’t going to trade Royce Lewis

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays
It’s fairly unlikely the Twins will trade for Xander Bogaerts. But, here he is.
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is this afternoon, and folks are in full-on crazy “prediction” mode.

The writers at did something resembling a roundtable in which each scribe was undoubtedly forced to make a “prediction” for a deadline move. As one might have guessed, this led to a number of outlandish things simply being thrown against the wall to see if anything stuck.

There are two Twins-centric trades. Both are scintillating, but neither is likely to happen.

Are you sitting down? Here they are. (Again, to be inescapably clear, these are not my ideas for trades, and they are not official rumors, simply proposals by MLB reporters...)

Trade No. 1: Twins acquire Xander Bogaerts

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But wait until you find out what they would give up.

Twins get: Xander Bogaerts
Red Sox get: Jorge Polanco and Royce Lewis

Uhhhh, what? Why would the Twins give up three-plus years of Polanco on an affordable deal (years four and five of his deals have affordable buyouts) to pay Bogaerts $20 million per year for only two more years? And not only that, fork over their No. 1 prospect — also a shortstop — foor their trouble?

Yes, Bogaerts is objectively better than Polanco, but three years of Polanco for a total of $17.3 million with Royce Lewis in the fold is better than two years of Bogaerts at $40 million with no Royce Lewis.

We’re on the same page on that one, right? Okay, here’s the next one.

Trade No. 2: Twins acquire Mike Yastrzemski

Again, sign me up for that headline. But again, check out this proposed trade package...

Twins get: Mike Yastrzemski
Giants get: Royce Lewis and “other prospects”, possibly Jordan Balazovic

Here’s the thing: Yaz appears to be really good, and the Twins could certainly stand to add another bat. But the Twins have a pair of solid corner outfield prospects already in Alex Kirilloff and Trevor Larnach.

It’s likely that the Twins move on from Eddie Rosario in the next year or so with only one year of team control remaining. But Max Kepler is already locked-up on an affordable deal and the Twins aren’t about to move Byron Buxton.

For his part, Yastrzemski was never considered a top prospect and was acquired by the Giants in what certainly appears to be a swindling of epic proportions from Baltimore prior to the 2019 season. He’s now hit .274/.352/.531 in 569 major-league plate appearances, which far outpaces his previous minor-league production.

With five years of team control remaining, it’s unclear to me why the Giants would give him up for a pair of prospects, even if it is Lewis and Balazovic. It’s also unclear why the Twins would add another corner outfielder while giving up two top-10 prospects in the organization.

Yes, it would be a ton of fun if the Twins made a trade prior to Monday’s deadline. But ... these trades ain’t it.