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Twins make no deals at trade deadline

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But reinforcements are still on the way.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
This won’t be seen again, at least not in 2020.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After a weekend of speculation, both logical and absurd, the Minnesota Twins have made no trades at the deadline. Darren Wolfson was first on the news:

While this may seem like another year of the Twins sitting on their hands (and fresh material for Pohlad bot), Wolfson reports that teams were asking for top Minnesota prospects in return.

But even with no end-of-the-month deals, Minnesota will be receiving reinforcements for the final run of the regular season, among them Josh Donaldson returning from the IL and Michael Pineda coming off suspension. The Twins also keep their highest-ranked prospects, maintaining an open championship window beyond 2020.

The wildness of this weekend failed to come to pass, but there are weeks left of wildness to come.

Buckle up.