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Game 16: Twins at Royals

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“Ok, let’s avoid getting McBroomed tomorrow.” -gintzer, yesterday

Pittsburgh Pirates v Minnesota Twins
Man vs. Makina.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

First Pitch: 1:05 PM (CDT)
Radio: WCCO 830, TIBN, The Wolf 102.9 FM,
Know Thine Enemy: Royals Review

(Please rise for the introductory sing-along.)

They got to Kansas City on a Friday;
By Saturday they’d lost a game or two.
We hope today is not a high-and-dry day,
A game that Minnesotans roundly boo!
We’ve counted as the loss column’s started going up;
Watching as morale is heading down.
‘s-like the game itself gave a punch to the cup,
So they’d best turn this losing streak aroun’!

Nothing is going great in Kansas City;
It’s gone about as p’r as it can go.
The lineup comes to bat, tries to swing and make it fly,
But swing-and-miss is the series’ status quo!
Sometimes when at the plate in Kansas City,
The crack of bats comprises audio;
But whene’er the scoreboard starts to rise, the Royals have matched the feat;
The Twins have taken leads, but they have all been short and sweet.
They will have to be consistent or their task won’t be complete;
It’s gone about as p’r as it can go, yes, sir;
It’s gone about as p’r as it can go.

Bringing us up to date in Kansas City,
The season with three q’rt’rs left to go.
They’ll pitch Jose Berrios and we hope he’s coming through
To bring ‘em back to the winning ways they know!
If they should drop the slate, it’d be a pity,
A string of bumps that interrupt the flow.
But if Byron Buxton’s back to form in bat and arm and fiel’,
If bullpen arms can target at the Roy’ls’ Achilles’ heel,
The season as was hoped could be amazing and surreal!
They’ll go about as f’r as they can go, yes, sir;
They’ll go about as f’r as they can go!

Today's Lineups

26 - Max Kepler - RF 15 - Whit Merrifield - CF
11 - Jorge Polanco - SS 12 - Jorge Soler - RF
23 - Nelson Cruz - DH 13 - Salvador Pérez - DH
20 - Eddie Rosario - LF 17 - Hunter Dozier - 1B
9 - Marwin González - 3B 27 - Adalberto Mondesi - SS
22 - Miguel Sanó - 1B 4 - Alex Gordon - LF
2 - Luis Arraez - 2B 7 - Maikel Franco - 3B
25 - Byron Buxton - CF 1 - Nicky Lopez - 2B
16 - Alex Avila - C 36 - Cam Gallagher - C
17 - José Berríos - RHP 51 - Brady Singer - RHP