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Sergio Romo suspended one game

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The beard is assigned a mandated day off.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
Back up.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

After words between Twins reliever Sergio Romo and Spiders star shortsop Francisco Lindor during last night’s game led to the benches and bullpens clearing, MLB has stepped in and issued discipline:.

The league suspended Romo for tonight’s game and issued a fine. No announcement has been yet made as to whether Romo will appeal; I would speculate that having pitched yesterday, he would not be pitching again today and so will take the suspension. (Do account, however, that there is no source behind that speculation, but only my guess.)

Lindor was not suspended, as the league issued him a fine.

Given the chippiness present in last night’s fight, where words were tossed back and forth but fists were restrained and no punches were thrown, a one-game suspension and a fine appears to be a message from the league to avoid further escalation of tensions between the teams, a relatively small punishment intended as a deterrent.

We’ll see if it works, unfortunately without Romo for an evening.