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Seriously...the Yankees?

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Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Are you sitting down? This may be controversial, but I feel the need to address it, if only for the few of us who apparently fear our own shadows, as well as pinstripes. So, here goes:

Seriously…the Yankees!

I know, I know…we don’t need to be frightened, and maybe it’s time for the Twins to get the enormous weight of repeated Yankee beatings off of our backs…but then again, do we really have to? This year, of all years? Can’t we play somebody (anybody) else in the first round?

Remember several years back when the Timberwolves were an extremely high seed in the Western Conference playoffs? (Of course you don’t remember that, it’s the Timberwolves, I don’t even remember it and I brought it up). Anyway, my point is that the Timberwolves drew the much lower seeded Lakers along the way, and of course, lost. Even though the Wolves were the higher seed, nobody really expected them to win. I mean it was the Lakers after all.

The thing is…and I really don’t want history to repeat itself here…the thing is those Lakers played most of the regular season without at least one of their stars. I think that star may have been Shaquille O’Neal, but whomever it was, when the star returned just before the playoffs began, the record of the team hardly represented the real and healthy team that then faced the Timberwolves.

Is history not repeating itself? The Yankees have been a shell of themselves and their regular season record reflects that….until the coming days when Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, among others, return to the line-up. I realize that the Twins aren’t exactly the picture of health either, but, I’m not going to let facts get in the way of my emotional response to this….I really don’t want the Twins facing the Yankees in the first round.

Now, assuming the Twins stay a top four seed, the games will be at Target Field, and that will certainly be helpful, but playing the Yankees at home with our backs against the wall hasn’t been helpful in recent history, so I’d rather not give history a chance to repeat…again.

I mean I’m embarrassed to acknowledge that my teeth are chattering just thinking about the Yankees…again…but come on, do we really have to play the Yankees in the first round? If we finish fourth and the Yankees finish fifth, which seems very possible as I write this…we may be falling right into that Timberwolves trap…and nobody wants to fall into a Timberwolves trap (no matter how one might interpret that comment, literally or figuratively).