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White Sox lose fourth of four with Cleveland; Twins now “control destiny”

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Because that two-word cliched phrase seemingly has to be used pretty much every season.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
You may remember how this eventually played out.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

In a fairly spectacular demonstration of choke-itis, the White Stockings of Chicago (it’s a rather large city east of here) managed to peefartbooger away an almost insurmountable division lead over the Twins and possession of the 2020 playoff tiebreaker.

Two of their four losses to Cleveland happened in extra innings. I’d kinda feel bad for Sox fans, except I don’t.

This means that the Minnesota Twins (presumably, your favorite team) can secure a division title in a 37% season by wimming as many games against the Reds as the White Sox do against the Cubs this weekend. For whatever that’s worth. Bob Engvall humorously thought it was better than facing the Yankees. Opinions, hold forth!

As Dyoung-Ho Park pointed out, since that’s his job and he does it extremely well, there are several different tiebreakers involving the seeding of playoff teams:

CHW/MIN tie: Chicago wins

MIN/CLE tie: Twins win

CLE/CHW tie: Spiders win

Three-way tie (I first saw that clip from an old SB siterunner who’s very religious, so take it up with him if you’re bothered by the reference): MIN first, CLE second, CHW third.

Does it matter? Really, all kinds of No. We’re talking about seeding for a three-game postseason series here, which is better than the stupendous idiotic thunders**t of a mandated annual wild-card play-in game, yet not by much. Still, gives the last three games some kind of dramatic heft. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Heck, I kinda do.