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Reds 7, Twins 2: Buxton/Donaldson possibly hurt, Sox also lose

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2020 injuries. No wonder I was late putting the GT up. This is awful.

Cincinnati Reds v Minnesota Twins
Conferring on the quantum dilemna, “what would Joe West want us to do?”
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Two Twins left this game because of injury; Byron Buxton after being hit right in the head by a unintentionally misthrown pitch, Josh Donaldson for reasons yet unknown. In the postgame presser, Rocco Baldelli had no further information on either injury. That’s bad. It is not good.

However, the Chicago White Sox also lost, so Minnesota still leads the division. Cleveland won, so they’re tied with Chicago one game behind. Tiebreaker scenarios have been explained elsewhere.

Our favorite team’s “homer or nothing” plate approach didn’t outscore Cincinnati tonight. With runners on third and less than two outs, thrice, Twins batters whiffed rather mightily at supposedly inferior Reds pitching. 3000-year-old Mike Moustakas whomped a Jose Berrios throw for southern Ohio’s winning run. He hit one later, too. (Off 23-year-old Edwar Colina, who is on the playoff roster for reasons I do not fully understand.)

The Twins who struck out in those situations were Max Kepler, Miguel Sano, and Mitch Garver. Please do not go to their expensive homes and yell at them. They tried their best. They also probably have very costly security systems and large loyal dogs. You can complain about them virtually here, minus the expense of paying for a doggie snack. (It boggles my mind that robbers don’t bring doggie snacks; I’ve done dogsitting, even large aggressive dogs will become your best friends if you give them a yummy treat.)

I was kinda considering this being my last recap for TwinkieTown, as I’m generally not too good at recaps, yet I sure as shooting don’t want this flaming garbage barge of a game to be my last one. And hey, I didn’t type “turdburger” there, so I don’t think I deserve any critical emails about it. But all criticisms of grammatical/sentence errors are appreciated as always. It’s been fun interacting with you fine folks in any case. Robot Roll Call:

Big Mike Pineda pitches for the Twins tomorrow.