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Circle me Bert... the T-Shirt!

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For two-and-a-half decades, Bert Blyleven was a huge part of Twins’ TV broadcasts. Serving as the color commentator beside Dick Bremer, he became a legend, even above his Hall of Fame playing career.

He’s been slowly phased out of Twins broadcasts for the last few years, and a couple days ago, Bert made it official. He announced before Wednesday’s game that it would be his last a member of the Twins’ broadcast team. W

Bert became well known for a few of his favorite phrases over that time. “California Math” and “Downward Plane” will always mean something to Twins fans. He even infamously dropped a couple F-bombs live on air. But more than anything, Blyleven was known for the “Circle me Bert” promotion.

The promotion grew organically during the 2002 season, as the newly-interesting Twins traveled well, and the broadcast booth was equipped with a telestrator. Bert began circling Twins fans in the crowd, and in return the crowd began bringing in signs creatively asking Bert to circle them.

While FSN killed off that promotion a few years ago, it endures as one of the most iconic parts of a Twins broadcast for many years, and now we have a T-Shirt for it.

As always with Breaking-T, the shirt is licensed by the MLB Alumni Association, designed and printed in the USA, and made of super-soft high quality materials.

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