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Twins 5, Tigers 2: Jeffers and Big Mike Come Through

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Twins take four of five from Detroit

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins bounced back in a big way today against Detroit. After yesterday’s bullpen implosion Minnesota needed this and both the offense and pitching showed up.

Ryan Jeffers breaks out

Jeffers had gotten off to a slow start but today was finally the day his bat broke out with some extra base hits. In he bottom of the third inning he crushed a pitch to the deepest part of center field. He hit it 111.3 MPH and it traveled 437 feet.

Buxton and Rosario handle the rest of the offense

After the homer from Jeffers, the Twins needed some more runs and they came from Byron Buxton and Eddie Rosario. In the third inning, Rosario hit a bases clearing double and was of course thrown out going from second to third. The Eddie Rosario experience as always. It was good to see him perform after a rough day yesterday. Byron Buxton came through with a weird double off the pitchers glove and later crushed a home run to left field. The Twins have needed him down the stretch and he has been coming through.

Big Mike is back at it

Picking right up where he left off before he was suspended, Michael Pineda looked unhittable today. He went seven strong innings giving up just two runs and striking out eight. He is competing with Dobnak and Odorizzi for that number three spot in the playoffs and he is looking great. The bullpen was able to get a rest for the most part thanks to Pineda’s outing and they only had to use Stashak and Rogers. Both did great and the Twins came out on top.

Twins win!

STUDS: Michael Pineda, Ryan Jeffers, Eddie Rosario, Byron Buxton

DUDS: None! Twins win!