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Twins 7, Cardinals 3: Is it just me, or has rain been brought back

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Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins - Game One Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Two important things happened in seven innings: the Twins scored, and the Cardinals didn’t. Beyond the simple fact that it adds another game to the all-important win column, how those things happened is very important as well.

First, the Twins scored most of their home runs on the bomba. Josh Donaldson stroked a three-run shot in the third that gave the Twins all the runs they would need and then some. Nelson Cruz added another one in the top of the fifth inning, his a solo shot. Miguel Sano joined the party in the seventh, with another two-run bomba for the big man.

Jose Berrios, on the bump, pitched like the guy we needed to see. He’s now had nearly as many good starts as bad starts this season. He pitched five innings and gave up two runs on four hits. The only runs against Berrios came on a longball hit in the sixth, and he was yanked in favor of Matt Wisler.

The game thread for game two will be posted shortly. I’ll see you there


Josh Donaldson: 2-3, HR, walk

Nelson Cruz: 1-2, HR, walk

Jose Berrios: 5IP, 4 hits, 2 runs


None, as this shall be a glorious victory for the Twins of Minnesota.

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