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Hey Twins, what are you waiting for?

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Time to get the show on the road

MLB: Wild Card-Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s the middle of January and the only thing the Twins have done is sign Hansel Robles for $2 million. Meanwhile, the division rival Chicago White Sox have signed Liam Hendricks and traded for Lance Lynn. It should feel like the Twins are about to make their moves as the Sox sit back, but instead it’s the opposite.

While Chicago has made some big moves, they’re not done. They are still in on the biggest free agents like Bauer and Springer while it feels like the Twins have no shot. All rumors about the Twins have surrounded on players like Marcus Semien. Good player, but won’t move the needle for Minnesota.

It’s time for the Twins to get going and show they mean business in the division. Yes, they have won the division in two seasons in a row, but they still can’t win a playoff game. The Twins seriously need to do something big to compete.

So what could that move be? It seems unlikely that the Twins walk away with someone like Trevor Bauer, so a trade might be on the horizon. I was hoping they would be in on Blake Snell or Yu Darvish, but apparently not. What could they be waiting for?

Maybe a phone call with the Cincinnati Reds? The Reds could offer a number of starting pitchers like Luis Castillo or Sonny Gray, both excellent fits on this team.

As of right now, the Twins have three starting rotation pitchers, no more Nelson Cruz, a bullpen needing some help, and a middle infield that could be changed. There are moves to be made and players available to be had.

So again I ask the question, what are you waiting for?