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The winter of our discontent? Or the winter of our complete disinterest

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Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

I mean this in the nicest possible way. I respect all of my colleagues, and I read all of their work. Frankly, I’d read their work before my own, but let’s face it, as Cooper did a few days back, it’s getting difficult to write about nothing. Seinfeld managed a successful television show about it, but I’m no Jerry Seinfeld. I may not even be George Costanza. But the point is, the Twins don’t seem to be doing anything this winter. Which, leaves us writing, mostly, about nothing.

Obviously, they are doing something. I mean, we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, and I’m uniquely qualified to be proven wrong in the end, possibly because I’m so often proven wrong in the end. But again, this isn’t about me. I’m doing things this winter, none of them are interesting enough to write about, but I assure you, I’m doing things. Are the Twins doing Things? Are they more involved in government than I had previously imagined? Can’t unglue their eyeballs from the tv? Surely, they are busy.

We could’ve traded for Francisco Lindor and truly changed the sports talk about the Twins this winter. Gee, we could even re-sign Nelson Cruz, whom we all seem to universally love, without waiting to make sure we don’t pay him one dollar more than we might need to….I mean there being a salary cap and all…wait…never mind.

Since there isn’t a salary cap, I really don’t know why we’re so committed to “value” with Nelson Cruz, because if I were him (and again, I bear more in common with George Costanza than Nelson Cruz)…I’d be tempted to feel less loved than I once did by the Twins. I’d be tempted (once that market is set) to feel like I owed a bit less to the Twins, despite my enjoyment of being there, the quality of the organization, and my personal friendships with Miguel Sano et al…In sum, I think we’re making a mistake. Unless we have no intention of re-signing him because we have a better plan, then by all means continue in this fashion, and then we’re not making a mistake.

Surely, we’re pursuing Brad Hand…right? Surely, we’re pursuing another first or at least second line starter? Right? I don’t want to be cynical just because a lifetime of loving the Twins makes my cynical. I want to be a better person. Maybe like George Costanza, I really have to just give up, and forget about being better. I am who I am. The Twins are who they are. They are going to compete, but they’re not gonna go crazy here and spend enough money to worry extensively about those pesky playoffs.

Ok, I am very cynical, and I’m starting to grow bitter about it. I’ll get over it, I always do…but come on…do something. Make me feel better. You don’t really owe it to me, but you could throw me a bone, maybe at least pretend to go after Trevor Bauer and really get us talking to one another…something. Half of us would love to have him, and the other half of us might send him threatening messages, but at least we’d be involved.

Get us involved. Make us love you. The Vikings are done. The T-wolves have just begun (which unfortunately is remarkably the same thing for them) and the Wild haven’t quite laced them’s the time...make a headline. Heck, impeach TC Bear if that’s what it takes (and I like TC...I’m not moving for it, I’m just SOMETHING).