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Fox Sports North will be renamed to Bally Sports North this spring

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The change will take effect before the MLB season.

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Sinclair Broadcast Group

On Wednesday morning, Richard Deitsch of The Athletic reported that Sinclair Broadcast Group will be renaming the Fox Sports regional networks to “Bally Sports”. The Bally Sports name is due to a partnership between Sinclair and Bally’s, a casino and hotel corporation with properties across the country (but no locations in Minnesota, so who knows what they’re trying to promote.) The rebranding will take effect before the start of the MLB season, so “Bally Sports North” will be carrying Twins games from 2021 onward. The network will also continue to carry Timberwolves, Wild, United, and Lynx games. It appears that the branding will be the only thing that will be changing, and everything else should remain the same. That being said, try imagining Dick Bremer saying “Twins baseball on Bally Sports North is presented by Menard’s.” It doesn’t sound right, and the networks should probably be less concerned about branding and more concerned with making sure people can actually watch their programming.