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Twins jersey number updates

Twins new and old tweak their digits accordingly.

Los Angeles Angels v Los Angeles Dodgers
Unless he gets a surprise at-bat as a reliever and hits one out, he’ll be Robles all year.
Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

As we reach the end of the first month on the 2021 calendar, the Twins have announced jersey number assignments and changes, per Dustin Morse. Going numerically:

9 - Andrelton Simmons: Simmons wore 19 when debuting with the Braves and 2 with the Angels. While 2 is currently worn by Luis Arraez, Simmons apparently elected to stick with a single digit, taking the 9 vacated by Marwin González.

19 - Alex Kirilloff: The rookie outfielder debuted in the playoffs wearing No. 76, worn only before in Minnesota by moundsman Félix Jorge. Apparently electing to avoid a 70s number, as that’s becoming the White Sox’ thing, Kirilloff is wearing one of the most common numbers in Twins’ history. When he takes the field, Kirilloff will become the sixty-fifth Twin to wear No. 19, last worn by Ryne Harper on the mound and Kennys Vargas in the field.

20 - Josh Donaldson: The Bringer of Rain could not wear his trademark number 20 last season as it belonged to Eddie Rosario. With Rosario now in Cleveland, the number has opened up, enabling Donaldson to step out of the 24 he wore last season.

27 - Ryan Jeffers: Called up from the alternate training site last year, Jeffers wore 39. He now switches from Old to New Testament, taking No. 27, which no Twin actually wore last year. The previous Twin to wear the number was Ryan LaMarre in 2019.

33 - J.A. Happ: Happ has worn No. 33 at three of the last four stops in his career, and he will get that number back in Minnesota. While the last two Twins to wear the number have also been pitchers, Tommy Milone and Martin Perez, most Minnesota fans of this generation will always associate 33 with Justin Morneau and the M&M boys. (Interestingly, Morneau wore No. 27 before claiming 33, and both of his old numbers have been assigned today.)

56 - Caleb Thielbar: Thielbar debuted in 2013 wearing No. 56, but when re-signing with Minnesota last year, alternate training site catcher Tomás Telis had the number. Instead, Thielbar wore 72 and revitalized his career. His sticking around has allowed him to switch back into the number in which he started his career as a major league pitcher.

57 - Hansel Robles: Coming out of the bullpen, Robles wore 47 with the Mets and 57 with the Halos; instead of continuing the sequence with 67, Robles reclaims his Los Anaheim number. Robles will be the first Twin to wear the number since Ryan Pressly, but Minnesotans will always associate the number with Johan Santana and his deceptive arsenal.