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Monday Morning Minnesota: Happy 2021, anyway let’s grumble about relief pitching edition

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New year, same bad jokes!

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
Who wouldn’t touch that butt, tbh
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

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Elsewhere in Twins Territory:

  • In case you missed it, the Twins signed reliever Hansel Robles. Robles is an interesting rebound candidate, but the signing is still kinda weird considering they are paying him more than they would have payed Matt Wisler, who is probably better. In a vacuum I’m a fan of this signing, I just find the whole thing a bit odd.
  • Old friend Phil Hughes officially retired, and fittingly for Hughes, he did it with a Tweet.
  • Do-Hyoung Park listed the best Twins players by uniform number, which is the only list with words “best” and Twins” in the title that will contain Logan Morrison.
  • The Pioneer Press interviewed Twins CEO Dave St. Peter on the weirdness of 2020, the Saints, and this sites favorite subject: Ron Gardenhire. Do you think Gardy was ever aware of all our Ron Gardenhire fanfiction? Do you think Gardy knows what “fanfiction” is? Do you think Ron Gardenhire knows how to use the internet?
  • Post idea: Ron Gardenhire + Ronald McDonald. Something about a McHustle burger, and Nick Punto is there too dressed as the Hamburgler, I dunno. We’ll workshop it.
  • Hell we probably already did that.

Around the World in Bases and Balls:

Today’s soundtrack is a little know game with one of the most impressive uses of the NES sound chip this side of Mega Man 2.