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The best games of his career

Eddie Rosario is killin’ it in the postseason

Championship Series - Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Four Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

You can’t be anything but happy for Eddie Rosario. The guy goes 4-5 in Game 2 of the NLCS with a walk-off single, but he tops it by being a double away from the cycle in Game 4, and instead of hitting that double, he hits a dinger of course. He’s now batting .467.

That’s so Eddie.

Eddie Rosario has had some phenomenal games in his career, but doing what he’s doing this postseason, in his first Championship Series, is something else. It just took getting off the Minnesota Twins to make it happen. Sigh.

I will quickly lay out my favorite Eddie moments:

  1. Eddie debuts with the Minnesota Twins on May 6, 2015. With his family in the stands, Rosario sees one pitch from A’s starter Scott Kazmir and welcome to the show. Opposite-field home run.
  2. In June of 2017 the Minnesota Twins beat Seattle 20-7. Eddie Rosario hit three home runs that game. This meant, at the time, Rosario joined an exclusive list of Twins players (Allison, Killebrew, Oliva, Morneau, Dozier and Kepler) to accomplish this feat. He also did this while batting in the 9 hole.
  3. In September of this year Eddie Rosario hits for the cycle with the Braves, and he does so in true Eddie fashion, on five pitches. What? How? Who knows. But he did it. Baseball number cruncher folks say in the stats-keeping era, he is the only person to manage the cycle on five pitches. I would be willing to bet this doesn’t happen again. *Refer back to this moment later in this post
  4. Eddie Rosario plays an integral role in winning Game 2 of the 2021 NLCS with aggressive baserunning and a good eye at the....I mean a good bat at the plate. Contact people, contact (yes, he obviously has a good eye, I’m just saying he is looking to hit, not take pitches.) Bottom of the 8th, Braves are down two runs. Freddie Freeman hits a fly ball to left, Eddie says ‘check me out,’ tags up and heads to second. It’s a move we rarely see anymore, but that’s Eddie. Haters gonna hate, but risks can pay off. Later in the inning, this beautiful slide from Eddie would begin the comeback.
Championship Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves - Game Two
And he’s in there!
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In a tie-ball game, bottom of 9, Eddie Rosario is up vs. Kenley Jansen. Before Jansen came out, here is what Eddie did... (refer to favorite moment 3)

“I went inside [the clubhouse] and I had the bat from the cycle saved to keep as a trophy. That bat does not fail.” - Rosario said

It took Eddie one Kenley Jansen pitch to win the game. Walkoff. The bat did not fail. That’s so Eddie.

5. Here is my FAVORITE Eddie moment of all time. It was June 3, 2018, a Sunday. The Twins were taking on the Indians. Clevinger was on the bump for Cleveland in the mid-season division matchup. Eddie Rosario made Twins history this day. He managed three home runs, again, all to different parts of the ballpark, with the final home run being a walkoff. At the time of this feat, Rosario was the only Twins player to ever hit three home runs in a game, twice in his Minnesota career, and that final home run to end the game... hangs on the wall in my living room. It landed in my hands. I offered to let him keep the ball, but he signed it and let me have it. VIDEO:

Rally cap and all because I am a true fan.

*Nelson Cruz and Max Kepler have joined Eddie with 3-home run games 2x in Twins uniforms

He’s energetic, daring, confident... all things that can make a pretty dangerous ballplayer. He makes the game enjoyable to watch. He takes chances, and there has not been a game this postseason Eddie hasn’t gotten a hit. Twice he has gone 4-5 (insert mind-blown emoji.)

I had a co-worker come up to me this week and tell me how idiotic Rosario is, ‘he’s stupid on the base paths and always was’ I was told. Welp, I guess ‘stupid’ works. I hope Eddie stays hot.

Go Braves and GO ROSARIO!!!

What’s your favorite Eddie Rosario moment?