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ALCS Game 6 - Open Thread

Stros before Hose.

Championship Series - Houston Astros v Boston Red Sox - Game Five Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

RED SOX (2) @ ASTROS (3)




Houston leads 3-2

I think it’s been a pretty exciting postseason so far, even if there aren’t really any underdogs or particularly interesting narratives to latch onto. The remaining teams are all heavy hitters who have all been in the Championship Series within the last three years; Houston has made five of these in a row, and the Dodgers and Braves were in this position just 12 months ago. Nonetheless, the games themselves have been entertaining, with good pitching, offensive showcases, walk-off victories, and thrilling winner-take-all contests.

Once again, a team is facing elimination; the Dodgers battled back to save their season last night, and now the Red Sox will have to do the same to force a seventh game.

It’s Nathan Eovaldi and Luis Garcia, two names we’ve gotten mighty familiar with this October, because they are simply always out there. Eovaldi is making his third appearance of the series and fifth of the playoffs. Garcia hasn’t made it through more than 2.2 innings in a pair of starts this postseason, with both the White and Red Sox blowing him up when he steps foot on the mound.

So does that mean Boston will strike early? It’s a tough task to win Game 6 on the road, with the opposition and the fans hungry to end your season as immediately as possible. But if anyone can do it, it’s this weird Red Sox franchise that just keeps winning random championships.