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Since they finally put Tony O where he belongs, we’re going to try to sell you stuff again

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You can ask literally anyone in the SBNation MLB slack room, and they will verify — Tony Oliva being a Hall of Famer was a hill I was willing to die on. And I was by far less on that train than my predecessor, so its fair to say that announcement was well-received here at Twinkie Town.

Not only did Tony have a very, very good playing career, he is known as one of the truly good guys around baseball, and is still, to-this-day, involved in the Twins organization. More than that, he was also one of the pioneering Latin American players in the MLB. All of those factors add up to an impact on the game that is truly worthy of recognition within the most rarefied of air.

So look, you know by now the deal on Breaking T stuff. Its high quality. They are a small business designing and printing their shirts in America, and they have fun designs. There’s probably even time to get it here by Christmas.

Here is the link, buy stuff and support Twinkie Town (and Tony.)