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A visit from the Ghost of Twins Baseball Past

Where would you want the spirit to take you?

Scrooge Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

As the 2021 holiday season kicks into full force, it would not surprise me one bit to discover that many Minnesota Twins fans are feeling a little Scrooge-like. Between the unparalleled playoff losing skid, the disastrous ‘21 campaign, the fact that Dylan Bundy is currently the most established starting pitcher on the roster, and the MLB lockout preventing any further news until further notice, one could be forgiven for letting loose a “bah humbug!” or two.

Thus, it is very possible that sometime tonight (Christmas Eve) any one of you could be visited by the Ghost of Twins Baseball Past—showing you some better times of your Twins fandom. If I am chosen by the spirits for such a journey, I’m hoping to be taken to one of these three memories...

  • Attending any 2001-2009 Metrodome contest with my aunt (you might remember her) & two brothers. Dome Dogs, root beer floats, punch-card All-Star ballots, and more-often-than-not a solid Twins victory. The good old days.
Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins
“Those were the days...”
Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/MLB Photos via Getty Images
  • That one series against the White Sox in 2008 where I literally jumped out of my seat in ecstasy.
  • Sitting in the upper deck of a sold-out Target Field as the Twins clinched their 2010 playoff berth. The AL Central dominance was extended into a subsequent decade and at a beautiful new home ballpark. What could possibly go wrong in the future?

In all seriousness, I have—from time to time—experienced dreams in which current me observes a moment-in-time experienced by younger me. A Zach-ception, if you will. As one who trends toward nostalgia (maybe all baseball fans do), the chance to re-live a portion of the past would be more satisfying than spooky, I think.

What about you: if awoken in the dead of night by the shambling of chains and the opportunity to transcend baseball time and space, where do you want to be whisked off to?


Who is the best Scrooge?

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    Bill Murray (the 80s yuppie one)
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