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Do you want to name a snowplow?

It doesn’t have to be a snowplow (okay, it does this time, but you’re singing the song)


MnDOT has a snowplow naming contest going on—and they’ve narrowed it down from over 24,000 submissions to fifty vote-able finalists.

A couple we, as a community, might have suggested made the cut. That’s right, if we play our cards right, A Twins-themed snowplow could be clearing roads near you next winter.

Here are the Twins-related (and therefore best, right) highlights of the fifty options:

  • Joe Plow-er
  • Justin Moresnow
  • Kent Brrr-bek
  • Road Carew
  • Spirit of ‘91

Obviously, these reference three great Twins first basemen—Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Kent Hrbek, in addition to Rod Carew and the 1991 World Series champion team.

The other options tend to be either references to Minnesota culture, such as “Ope Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya!” or “Tater Tot Hotdish;” pop culture references, primarily to Star Wars; or both, such as “Mary Tyler More Snow.” There are also a couple native words, in homage to the first people of Minnesota.

Of course, there are at least a couple Prince references in there as well. Purple Snow and Raspberry Brr-et are both good, but I’d have counted a “Lets Go Crazy” reference as Twins-related.

Finally, for inquiring minds, yes, Plowy McPlowface is a votable option.

Click here and go vote, because this is probably the second most important election of the last six months.

You can choose up to eight names, so if you don’t vote for at least four of the Twins options, Are You Even A Twins Fan? (AYEATF?)