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Bookmakers aren’t as high on the Twins, in preseason betting odds

Don’t use them if you’re an MLB player

San Diego Padres v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

With spring training getting underway, a couple odds-makers have released gambling odds for the 2021 season. You’re not gonna believe this, but the Twins might be getting sold short once again. has the Twins’ over/under for win total set at 88.5, despite the team’s 101 wins in 2020 and 97-win pace in 2021. This isn’t all that surprising, as gambling odds are largely designed to take advantage of public perception, and all the hype surrounds the 3rd place White Sox (90.5) in the AL Central this year, rather than the back-to-back division champion Twins. Of course, you still have to play the games, but were I a gambling man, I’d have no doubts on whether I should pick the over or under.

The divisional odds have the White Sox as favorites in the Central, at -145, with the Twins at +190 and Cleveland at +750. This seems like a great value bet for the Twins to me, as most statistical projection systems have them as the favorites.

I’d also consider the Twins’ World Series title odds to be a great value at They have tabbed the Twins as having the 7th-best odds at winning it all, coming in at +2200. The Dodgers, who also have the highest win total over/under, are the odds/on favorites at +300. The White Sox are set at +900, tied with the Padres and Mets for the 3rd-best odds, and Cleveland is at +4000, right in the middle of the league. is more into prop bets rather than win totals like, but they have released World Series odds. SBD has a little bit longer odds on the Twins than SB.a did, at +2400. This is 11th in the league. The Dodgers are again the favorites, and the White Sox are 5th, at +1400.

SBD gives odds for one Twin to win the AL MVP, with Nelson Cruz coming in 12th, at +4400. Predictably, Mike Trout has the best odds for this one. Berrios (6th) and Maeda (8th) are both given odds for the AL Cy Young, at +1700 and +2800, respectively. Maeda, in particular, could be a good value pick if he’s able to replicate his performance from last year. Both are certainly better values than big Lance Lynn’s +1500. The odds-on favorite is the incumbent Shane Bieber in the AL. Out of the 9 players who are given odds, the Twins, White Sox, and Yankees all have two.

COVID has also had a great influence on prop bets at SBD, as you can pick over/unders on “teams to play 162 games” (14.5), “games played on April 1st” (14.5 out of 15), “teams to allow fans on Opening Day” (14.0), “largest Opening Day attendance” (14,449.5), and “fans attending 2021 MLB All-Star Game” (10,288.5). Furthermore, they put the odds that the All-Star game is played as scheduled at -150.

Overall, the sports books aren’t as high on the Twins as the projections systems are. This isn’t much cause for worry in my opinion, as it’s no different than what most of the national media are saying. Betting odds are more a reflection of where the books think most people will be putting their money than anything. I’d say the Twins are great value picks, and a lot of White Sox fans are going to lose their money.

As always, gamble responsibly.