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The Twins are already having a good time at Spring Training

A nice moment of escape from the real world, for me

Minnesota Twins Spring Training Photo by Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Some might say that team culture and chemistry matter. It may not be measurable, but certainly having a group of players who have fun and enjoy each other’s company is better than the alternative. So far this spring, it looks like the Twins have been enjoying the Florida sunshine.

According to his tweet, Dustin Morse paid a high price to bring us this footage, but Josh Donaldson literally danced his way into the gym yesterday morning. Lookathim! This is the veteran leader of the team, and you can’t say he isn’t relaxed and enjoying himself.

Donaldson isn’t the only veteran on this team, nor is he the only one having some fun. Nelson Cruz wearing Miguel Sano’s pants is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Nelson Cruz is not a small human, but Sano is a really, really big boy. Luis Arreaz is clearly enjoying the show.

Even the beat writers are getting into the action, as Dan Hayes pokes some loving fun at Jake Cave’s utterly fantastic beard. Who needs Sergio Romo when you have a beard like that in the dugout. And that smile, too! Jake is having a good time. I don’t think we’ve seen pearly whites like that since Brian Dozier.

The official Twins twitter account is nothing but photos of happy players right now. These guys are clearly excited for baseball to be here.

A year ago, we never could have imagined what we’ve seen in the last twelve months, and for many of us, baseball is an escape. Seeing these guys doing their thing in Spring Training might not be the return to normal we crave, but its a certain relief. Seeing the Twins loose and happy gives me good vibes for the season.

2019’s Bomba Squad was fun—2021 might be even better.