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Twins Tunes: “Randy Bush”

Introducing Twins Tunes, wherein Louie writes and records songs about various Twins.

Randy Bush does some ponderin’.

Hello and welcome to the first installment of Twins Tunes. My name’s Louie. I used to write pretty regularly on this here site, and then I didn’t anymore. Turns out it was hard cranking out 5,000-word articles about Hector Santiago while also working full-time.

But I’m back with a new project, the aforementioned Twins Tunes. What’ll it entail? Basically, I’m going to write and record a song about a different Twin or piece of Twins’ history and post it on here every couple weeks.

The inaugural edition features Randy Bush, Twins pinch-hitter extraordinaire from 1982-1993. (Bush is also well-known for being the obvious replacement for Dan Gladden in the lead-off spot in RBI Baseball.)

If you like what you hear, feel free to share it on social media and whatnot. I don’t have any of those anymore, so if this thing’s gonna go viral, it’s up to you, Twinkie Town masses.

Special thanks to my cousin Bubba, who mixed, engineered, produced, and mastered the track. You can check out his music at or by searching for “Bubba Holly” on Spotify/BandCamp/wherever you get your music. His new album is terrific. Also, Bubba and I make music under the name Bunkin’ Cousins, if you’d like to hear concept albums about the late medieval period or epic cabin weekends.

I’d love to get suggestions for future songs; I have a few in the hopper but would love for this project to be collaborative.

Without further adieu, enjoy “Randy Bush.”