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Playing pepper with Cards Conclave

A spring tradition, at this point.

Clint Hartung Hitting Ball to Players

Every spring, sure as snow melting and robins returning, I get an email from the blogger C70 at Cards Conclave, an independent St Louis Cardinals blog. They run a series they call “playing pepper,” which is basically a season preview Q&A.

What sets this series apart is that they reach out to multiple bloggers and sites for each team. This year, Seth Stohs from Twins Daily and myself replied. It also makes it a big undertaking, and they do good work with it.

I’ve always enjoyed being a part of this series, because C70 asks good questions, and its great seeing different takes on the topic. In this edition, we talk rule changes, Andrelton Simmons, bullpen, and more.

Click here for the link, and check out our answers to this year’s Twins-related questions. You can also find links to the rest the teams, if you’re curious, from there.

Thanks again to our friends at Cards Conclave for including us in their annual series.