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Game 01: Twins at Brewers - Opening Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opening Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First Pitch: 1:10 Central, Other Time Other Time Zones I assume
TV: (Insert loud sighing noises here) Bally Sports North. SIGH.
Radio: WCCO 830, The Wolf 102.9 FM awooooooooooooooooo
Know Thine Enemy: Brew Crew Ball

Hey y’all! It is opening day and I probably should have planned something to write here, but everyone else posted about 100 things this morning so go read those if you want actual expert info, because I am running out of time! Also my “n” key seems to be dying, so the recap might be about the Miesota Twis.

If you need a way to actually watch this game, Fubo TV will allow you to do such that with a free trial and also we get sweet affiliate cash so also think of it as buying me like 1/600th of a pizza or whatever!