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Byron Buxton is off to a hot start, so here is a hot shirt

Buck Yeah!!!

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Better be careful how I type this one out. We have a new shirt design from our friend’s at Breaking T, which uses the only words that can accurately describe the start of Byron Buxton’s season.

Buck Yeah! He was met with chants of “MVP” at the home opener—perhaps a bit early, but he is well on that pace.

In only 19 at-bats this season, he has eight hits. He has sent half of those out of the park, four total dingers. Oh, and two walks, as well. Right now that leads to him hitting .421/.476/1.211. All this in only 6 games. He won’t continue this pace for another 140 or 150 appearances, but if he can keep hitting and stay healthy, all we can say is “Buck Yeah!

As usual, this is quality product from our friends at Breaking T. They use a super-soft Cotton/Poly blend in their T-Shirts, and I promise, it is the softest shirt I own. This particular shirt is also available as a hoodie, a youth size T-Shirt, or a Ladies’ Dolman style shirt. I have no idea what the last option actually means, but I’m sure if you are the target audience you do.

As usual, if you click the link below to buy the shirt, some of your favorite Twinkie Town writers get a few extra pennies. (here is the link in linky form, as well.)