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Lets check in with Eddie Rosario

Colorado Rockies v Cleveland Indians Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Admit it, you’ve totally looked up an ex on facebook . We’ve all done it. And today, we’re going to do the baseball version.

How is our old friend Eddie Rosario doing with the Cleveland?

I can’t go to the Cleveland!

I digress. Eddie, well, he’s still Eddie Rosario.

Cleveland has played in two games—and lost both. Perhaps a slight surprise considering who was on the mound, but they aren’t going to be a great team this season, and we knew that. Our dear, departed friend Eddie has made an impact in both games, in the most “Eddie Rosario” ways he could.

Playing AL Central leader Detroit (small samples are weird, guys) in their first series, Matthew Boyd kept Cleveland’s bats mostly silent in game one. Rosario went 1-4 and left two men on base. He neither walked nor struck out. It was, however, his outfield defense (or lack thereof) that was more notable in the first game. So far in 2021, he’s caught everything he was technically supposed to, but is only in the 22nd percentile by Outs Above Average. He was also involved in a goofy play in which a relay threw hit the runner (click here for video.)

In game two, Rosario showed off the other half of his game—plating the only runs Cleveland would score in a 5-2 loss. He hit a 383-foot no-doubter to right field (click here for video, since MLB is dumb about embeds) for a classic Eddie Rosario bomba. More oddly, to folks who have been watching him, was that he pushed in their second run with a walk—one of two on the day, against no strikeouts.

So what does Cleveland have in Eddie Rosario? So far, it looks like exactly the guy we remember. A guy who strikes out a bit too often, but has some fun at bats that end in well-hit balls. A guy with a firehouse arm in the outfield that is prone to boneheaded errors at times. A guy we probably should not have given 12 million per year to block Brent Rooker and (eventually) Alex Kirilloff from the majors, but who fans are absolutely justified to miss.