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Gabbing w/ Gamble: Who wants an organist Sue Nelson bobblehead?

Help get the ball rolling!

National’s Have a New Organ for Organist Matt Van Hoose Photo by Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Hello and welcome back to our weekly chat! Today, we’ve got a special mission, as well as an ordinary discussion question. I’ll start with our goal.

Thousands of Twins fans over the past 22 years have had the opportunity to chat with the long-time organist for the Twins, Sue Nelson (she even went on the record for Twinkie Town in 2019). From her days sharing the job in the football press box of the Dome to the sole organist playing in a pub overlooking home plate at Target Field, Sue has become something of a Minnesota celebrity. The longest-tenured “player” in franchise history (she passes Walter Johnson this year), Sue has blasted more “hits” into the stands than anyone who’s stepped into the batter’s box. And I think that not only does she deserve a bobblehead in her honor, but also any Twins fan who’s had a chance to stop and chat with the cheery organist has a special spot on their mantle just waiting for a Sue Nelson bobblehead to grace it. If you think you can get behind this idea, click (and share?) the link below and add your signature!

Petition here:

Now, for a discussion question. We’re going to go two-fold today, in light of what I presented above. First of all, have any of you gotten the chance to chat with Sue? Tell us about it! Secondly, what are some of your favorite bobbleheads in your collection? Can’t wait to see your comments!