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White Sox 4, Twins 2: LOBsterfest 2021

A depressing tale as old as time.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Turns out if you leave 19 runners on base, you don’t score a lot of runs! Wow! Science is crazy! Hey anyway so the Twins just lost another game and got swept by the White Sox and etc and etc.

Michael Pineda pitched pretty okay, but still managed to give up a Tim Anderson dinger on his very first pitch. Get that squared away early. Jake Lamb, a human, took Pineda deep as well in the 3rd for the second Sox run. At this point I as already ignoring the game to play Crash Bandicoot.

Max Kepler knocked in a run, kinda, in the 4th by reaching on a fielding error during which Trevor Larnach scored. You might think the Twins were still in the game by only being down by 1, but clearly you are a big dummy dumb, because Andrew Vaughn singled in another Sox run in the 6th. Kepler would give Twins fans something to cheer for briefly with a 1-out solo dong in the 8th, which would be followed up Singles from the two best Twins hitters...uh, Willians Astudillo and Kyle (Is it Kyle?) Garlick. Aww shit, don’t look now but here comes our old pal HOPE.

Do you believe in miracles? No, of course not. We’re Twins fans.

So that amounted to nothing and then some other Sox run happened in the bottom of the 8th but who cares about that. Twins lose! Yay!

STUDS: Kepler? Alcala?


Roll Call of Eternal Sadness!

Happy anniversary to Mikecardii and spouse! Hope you guys had a great day unsoiled by watching Twins baseball! May this comment of the day I gift to you bring much happiness and prosperity!